The Brand New Autumn Series Of Myopia Glasses Is Published For UK Women With Best Sales

Myopia glasses for UK women is a concave lens. Erect a concave lens and the image is always smaller than the object, the virtual image, a concave lens is mainly used for correcting myopia. Myopia is mainly due to the lens deformation, resulting in a premature collection of light in front of the retina, a concave lens has a divergent light and concave lens into a narrow, upright, the virtual image, the image distance becomes longer, just fall on the retina.


The lens is so important for a kind glasses.We have just published a brand new glasses.You will feel so comfortable when you wear our glasses with best sales.You will not feel tired if you spend much time on reading and writing.

Cheap glasses degree: the refractive power of the lens is generally expressed in degrees. A equivalent to the average person or glasses shop about 100 degrees, that is, in the non Chinese state of D 1 (here’s Dioptre for the D rather than the degree of Degree). The more serious the problem of vision, the required degree of lens is deeper, the thickness of the lens will be higher.

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