The Different Style Of Frame Would Affect Your Looking-Glasses For UK Men With Best Sales

Today I want to show you several different types of frames of glasses for UK men.The first one is called the whole framework is the most commonly used a frame type, is characterized by strong, easy shaping, can cover a part of the thickness of the lens.

2, nylon frame: a thin nylon yarn as part of frame of glasses with best sales, lens with a special grinding the edge grinding, there is a narrow ditch edge, the nylon wire embedding groove, formed without bottom frame style, which is very light weight, in order to give people a sense of light and chic also, more firmly.

3, no framework: this kind of frame not only mirror ring of cheap glasses, metal nose and metal mirror lens and mirror feet, nose and feet are directly connected by screws, to punch a hole in the lens. No frame than ordinary frames more compact, chic, but strength is a bit poor.

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